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We miss you! - A Message from Director Pam Sharrow

Hello PPC Families, first and foremost I hope you are all well and safe and trying to stay positive. You have all received one or more surveys. It is critical for us to get those back in order to know what you or your child needs. The most difficult part for all of us on this side of schooling is not seeing your children every day. We have definitely redefined what it means to be a partner in education.Thank you all for being patient during this learning time for all of us. We are coming to a close to the first week of the formal learning plan offered by MPS. There has been a few glitches but many positive interactions and excitement. The students are able to see their friends(virtually) and share on the Google platform or Zoom.

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Ready4k Available for Free for the rest of the School Year!

Dear Friends,

In response to the unprecedented number of schools, preschools, and child care providers that have closed due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19),we are making Ready4K, our virtual parenting curriculum and family engagement tool, free for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year.

Visit for details.

Ready4K is an evidence-based whole child curriculum that offers fun facts and at-home learning activity ideas for children ages 0-9, all delivered via text message. Implementation is quick and easy, so all of your families can start getting activities within a week.

Effective immediately we are implementing several changes to Ready4K to better serve families and partners during this difficult time.

Additional support messages focused on COVID-19 topics, like hygiene, dealing with pandemic anxiety, and social connection in a virtual world

Providing a communications system for sharing vital information with your families, including a dedicated messaging number and unlimited messaging through the end of the school year

Enhanced support for families with more than one child with activities for each child based on age or grade level

To get the Ready4K Core program for free for the remainder of the school year, download the application or contact us at

We’re thankful to be able to offer virtual, evidence-based supports to families during the COVID-19 pandemic and look forward to working with you.

Wishing you and your families all the best during this challenging time,
Ben York
Founder & CEO
ParentPowered, home of Ready4K

Hooway For Wodney Wat read by Ms. Sharrow