Last Updated: 7/6/2021 6:51 PM

MPS benefit-eligible employees have access to a Health Savings Account through their Medical Insurance Plan. Midland Public Schools contributes funds to the employee’s HSA to help cover part of the cost of the deductible. Currently MPS contributes $1,050 per year for single coverage and $2,100 for 2-person and family coverage. Employees have the opportunity to deposit additional money to their HSA pre-tax from their paychecks. There are IRS guidelines each year that set the maximum amount allowed to be contributed to an HSA plan (employer and employee combined). The Health Savings Account is provided through Health Equity. The customer service number for Health Equity is 1-877-218-3432. You can create an account to see details of your HSA at www.myhealthequity.com.

HSA Eligibility and Enrollment Form

IRS Bulletin HSA Limits for 2021

IRS Bulletin HSA Limits for 2022

HSA Early Contribution Request

Optional HSA Salary Reduction Agreement 2021

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