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    During the Stay Safe, Stay Home mandatory closure announced by Gov. Whitmer, all MPS offices are currently closed. Food service pick-up and drop-off points will continue Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the closure. My office will continue to communicate with stakeholders via our Communiques. Please use Email or MPSConnect if you have questions or need assistance. 

    Stay safe, Michael E. Sharrow, Superintendent, Midland Public Schools

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How to use the new Midland Public Schools App

Thank you so much for Downloading the Midland Public Schools App! We hope you find our new tool as useful as we do.

On the home screen of our app you'll see navigation buttons to help you while you're on the go such as news items, upcoming events, and navigating to your childs school to see their events and news items.

App District Home Screen     App School List

By default all schools are enabled and all notifications are enabled, to modify to only getting notifications for your childs school click the settings button on the home screen

To follow only your school or your childs school In settings Click "Select a School" here you can select one or multiple schools.

Select a building     App School List

To adjust notification Settings Click "Notifications" in the settings. We only send push notifications for Alerts - School Closings for example but to turn notifications off uncheck all the boxes and select "OK"

Select Notifications     Check uncheck notifications