Fall 2020 State Testing

Last Updated: 8/5/2020 1:50 PM

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) and the College Board will provide fall 2020 testing for high school students as makeup for the cancelled spring 2020 administrations. The MDE will pay for the tests and scoring. The table below shows the authorized assessments for students based on their grade level in the fall of 2020.

Fall 2020 High School Testing

Grade Fall
Test Date
Gr 9
PSAT 8/9
Wednesday, September 23
Gr 10
Wednesday, October 14
Gr 11
Wednesday, October 14
Gr 12
SAT w/Essay
Wednesday, September 23

For students in grade 11, the PSAT/NMSQT will provide an opportunity to enter the National Merit Scholarship if the student has a qualifying score.

Test Results
Test results will be available to students through the College Board website:

Score availability timeline:

  • SAT with Essay – October 16
  • PSAT/NMSQT – December 7 – December 9
  • PSAT 8/9 – Approximately 2 months after test date