Midland County Isolation and Quarantine Emergency Order

EFFECTIVE: October 25, 2021

The following required items reflect a change from previous recommendations.

  1. The serial testing program will only be an option for K-12 grade levels. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has stated that they will only support the use of rapid tests provided for testing for grade levels K through 12.
  2. Per CDC updated recommendations (dated 10-15-21), a vaccinated close contact will test on day 5 to 7 (previously 3 to 5) after exposure and can discontinue mask wearing with a negative test.
  3. Unvaccinated, close contacts (who are asymptomatic) participating in the serial testing program can discontinue mask wearing after day 10 (previously day 14).

Midland County Emergency Order for control of epidemic from the Department of Public Health




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