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Facility Rentals

To ensure fairness and consistency in the implementation of Board of Education policy governing use of school facilities, the following categories have been established to determine priorities and a schedule of fees for approved users outside regular or extracurricular programs or activities when designated space and facilities are available. The District shall charge its direct costs as described below so as not to allow the cost of non-school use of its facilities to encroach upon the funds intended for the education of students.

Class 1: School District Curricular, Co-Curricular, Extra-Curricular, Sponsored, and Affiliate Organizations and Groups

Any organization or group directly connected with Midland Public Schools, including, but not limited to: school athletic programs, student groups, bands, choirs, student council, drama clubs, school sponsored athletics, and other school sponsored organizations. Class 1 groups also include those organized for the purpose of supporting Midland Public Schools and its students, i.e. booster groups and parent-teacher organizations.

Fee for Class 1:

There are no rental fees charged for Class 1.

Class 2: Non-profit organizations

Any organized non-profit group or organization within the school district whose purpose is charitable, civic, cultural, educational, or recreational. IRS and/or State approval letters evidencing such status must be provided at the time the usage agreement is prepared. Groups currently seeking IRS non-profit status must submit copies of their IRS application materials. They will then be granted a six (6)-month grace period to secure their status.

Fee for Class 2:

Class 2 organizations will be charged the non-profit rate for hours the school building is not in operation (weekdays after 5:00 p.m. and all weekend hours). Any additional school staffing costs or other costs resulting from use by a Class 2 organization shall be billed to that organization. The District shall determine adequate staffing levels to support such use. When activities in this category involve ticket sales, admission fees, tuition, or are of a fund-raising nature, fees listed in the schedule for Class 3 may be charged.

Class 3: For Profit – Commercial Users

A private, for profit business, vendor or entrepreneur.

Fee for Class 3:

Full rental fees will be charged for Class 3. When activities in Class 3 involve ticket sales or admission fees, an additional percentage or negotiated flat fee will be charged based on the relationship of ticket price to actual costs.


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Custodial fee per hour, if required (2 hour min.)

A. Facilities will normally be available one-half (1/2) hour before the scheduled program time and closed one-half (1/2) hour after the scheduled program time. Users still occupying the facility more than one- half (1/2) hour after the scheduled completion time will be charged for an additional hour.

B.Area/Rooms not listed above will not be available for lease.

C. A fee may be charged when an event is expected to cause excessive wear and tear on a facility or additional services (field grooming, salting, plowing, etc.) are required. This fee will be determined on an individual basis and will be presented to the user prior to the approval of the facility

D.Fees for regularly scheduled, long-term or sustained use will be made based on negotiated settlements between the parties.

If you are interested in using any of our district’s facilities, please review the district rental policy, and then complete both of the following forms. You will need Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel to fill out the forms.

Please submit completed forms by email to

Building Request DocumentUpdated    Rental Agreement Form


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