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Community Flyer Distribution Practices

Through this Community Flyer Page, it is the goal of Midland Public Schools to provide timely information to students and parents about the many wonderful activities and opportunities available for students in and around the Midland community. Midland Public Schools reserves the right to refuse the publication of flyers we believe to be questionable or inappropriate.

Community flyers are posted to the Midland Public Schools website in a designated area for community flyers. Here is the link:

Flyers must be approved by the Superintendent of Schools. Materials delivered directly to the schools will not be accepted by the buildings.

All flyers submitted must be from non-profit organizations, attractive and of general interest to students and parents. Flyers should be informational, not commercial in nature. A business or corporate name or logo should be used only for identification, not for advertising purposes.

Acceptable publication standards for community flyers to be posted to MPS Flyer Page:

  • All flyers must be submitted in final form we will not “combine” multiple files or make any modifications to the submission
  • All flyers must be submitted in PDF form, and must adhere to the PDF/UA

Note: Due to recent legislation, we are required by law to only serve documents that fit this accessibility standard.

  • All flyers submitted will automatically be rejected unless they have been converted to conform to the PDF/UA standard.
    • Flyers that are submitted usually fit the PDF/UA accessibility profile if all of the following are true:
      • All embedded images are tagged with an “Alt” tag.
      • All text contained in the flyer is in embedded and selectable form (i.e., we must be able to “copy and paste” text from the PDF into another document).
      • All embedded links are tagged with a description (using an “Alt” tag).
      • Any embedded forms (for registration, etc.) must be ‘fillable’ and be tagged with field names for each option.
  • All flyers must adhere to the “Accessibility of State and Local Government Websites to People with Disabilities” guidelines, as directed in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.
  • All flyers must adhere to the standards set forth by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.
  • Contact Jenny O'Connor at to make a flyer request. When flyers are submitted, the following must be provided:
    • Title of the flyer
    • Student audience (Elementary, Middle, High, or All)
    • Date to remove flyer from website.
    • The PDF attached to the email before sending.