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Midland Public Schools is achieving this through an inquiry-based science program that implements a hands-on, minds-on learning approach for grades K-12. The district's and community's commitment to providing an exemplary science education is evidenced by the MPS Science Resources Center's kit-based program for K-6 students, the newly renovated science labs at each middle school, and the computerized science labs at each high school.


The K-5 science program consists of kits designed to cover the Michigan Academic Standards. These kits have been developed to promote skills in observation, scientific reasoning, and both creative and critical thinking. The activities give children opportunities to explore how things work firsthand and apply scientific concepts to the world around them..

Elementary Curriculum Intranet Site (Internal Only)

Middle School

Using newly renovated science labs at each grade level (6-8), students have ample opportunity to experience hands-on science and to construct knowledge and apply it to their lives. Similar to the elementary science program, sixth grade also uses a kit based program provided by the Science Resources Center and is aligned with the Michigan Science Standards. Seventh grade units are also aligned with the Michigan Science Standards. In eighth grade, content is aligned with the State of Michigan High School Content Expectations (HSCEs) to help prepare students to make a successful transition to high school the following year.

High School

All students are given opportunities to develop skills through scientific research, use of computer technology and rigorous laboratory/classroom experiences. This program is supported with state of the art science and technology facilities at both high schools. Students have a variety of courses to choose from including Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate options.

High School Michigan Merit Curriculum FAQ: Science

MPS High School Course Sequence Sample

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Nicole Holland

Manager - Science Resource Center Email (989) 923-5133
Office Professional (989) 923-5130

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Jen Servoss
Curriculum Specialist for Elementary Instruction
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Dr. Alison Cicinelli
Coordinator of Secondary Instruction
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