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Credit Recovery

For credit recovery, Edgenuity, an eLearning program, has been aligned with our curriculum to provide the same content as our current course offerings. MPS curriculum coordinators work to match the Edgenuity content as close as possible to what is being taught in the traditional classroom.

Credit recovery students are enrolled into the eLearning Lab during the school day. They work to complete as many courses as they can during that period. Edgenuity is available to students at any time, day or night, week day or weekend. Students are encouraged to finish multiple courses in one semester.

The Edgenuity system consists of a rigorous curriculum including: vocabulary, video lectures, journal activities, additional online links related to the subject matter, homework, and quizzes. Additional features to Edgenuity include essays, virtual labs, and manipulative technology in math classes called Gizmos, which help students better understand the concepts. Following several sections, students complete a test, and all courses have a required final exam. Students work on the course until they achieve mastery, and are given a grade of “Credit” on their transcript when they complete the course.

Students who have been unsuccessful in the classroom and need to make up credits (core and elective classes) are encouraged to see their counselor to learn more about credit recovery.

Credit Protection

We also use Edgenuity to offer credit protection. Credit protection is a teacher initiated program. Teachers can identify students who have been unsuccessful in a marking period in the classroom, and offer the student the chance to complete specific lessons or units through Edgenuity system. Students then meet with their eLearning Facilitator. They will then work on their course outside of the school day from home, and complete within a specific time period.

When a student successfully completes the assigned material, the teacher will then convert the failing marking period grade to a grade of D-, which earns credit.

Seat Time Waiver

MPS works in conjunction with the Genessee ISD to participate in the Seat Time Waiver Program (STW), which is authorized by the Michigan Department of Education. STW is designed specifically for students who cannot attend school but still wish to obtain their diploma through MPS. The student will work on online classes from their home, working with an assigned mentor teacher at the high school. Students must go through an application and interview process to be granted this waiver. Students should contact their counselor or Mr. Jeff Lauer (Technology and Media Curriculum Specialist) for more information.

And Beyond...

Our eLearning classrooms provide a portal to online courses beyond what MPS currently offers for students with identified schedule challenges as well as for courses we do not offer. Students interested in this opportunity should contact a counselor for more information.

You can find the Application for eLearning and PATHS here

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Please contact our eLearning administrator for more information.

Jeff Lauer
(989) 923-6411