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Central Park Elementary Bonus Our School's Content

The Lion Heart Experience

The staff and students at CPE had the opportunity to enjoy The Lion Heart Experience where an inspirational and powerful message about identity was shared through song and dance.


CPE Color Run


The CPE staff, students, and families had a blast at the CPE Color Run! Thank you to our PTO for putting together such a fun event to support our school!

Congratulations to the September CPE Students of the Month!

Congratulations to the September CPE Students of the Month! The Learner Profile attribute for the month of September was Caring. Caring students show empathy, compassion and respect for others. They are committed to service and act to make a positive difference in the lives of others and the world around us. Caring people also demonstrate appreciation. They are grateful for the people and the things that they have in life.

Living Wax Museum

Mrs. Weihl’s second graders at Central Park Elementary participated in a “Living Wax Museum” as they wrapped up their first unit of inquiry, Who We Are. In this unit, students explored roles and responsibilities within the community as well as community decision-making. As you can see from their diverse attire, students dressed in character as they shared their research about a role in our community including what tools they use, decisions they make, and their importance in the community. Thank you to all the parents, staff, and students who were able to visit the “museum” and learn more about the unique roles Midland offers!