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Kindergarten Snapshot event

Kindergarten Enrollment Forms

Online Enrollment
Online enrollment instructions

Developmental Kindergarten


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School of Choice

School of Choice Applications are part of the Online Registration Process. For more information about School of Choice, please click here.

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Request for Immediate Special Education Placement
Acceptable Use Policy

More about Kindergarten

For questions, please contact:
  • Registration: Becci Longstreth, (989) 923-5024,
  • Developmental Kindergarten program:  Amy Gates, (989) 923-6411,
  • General questions regarding K-5 programs:
    • Adams Elementary:  (989) 923-6037
    • Central Park Elementary: (989) 923-6836
    • Chestnut Hill Elementary:  (989) 923-6634
    • Plymouth Elementary:  (989) 923-7616
    • Siebert Elementary:  (989) 923-7835
    • Woodcrest Elementary:  (989) 923-7940

Any parent needing MPS bus transportation for any address other than their permanent address is asked to visit the Transportation Department located at 410 Hines Street, Midland to fill out a waiver form as soon as possible. Please bring your drivers' license with you to this visit.

Solid curriculum

Our kindergarten learning activities are research-based. Our classrooms are nurturing, multi-sensory environments that support learning. Teachers provide instruction in phonics, reading, writing, social studies, math, science, and communication. Through differentiated instruction, teachers provide academic experiences for a wide variety of student learning needs.

Kindergarten Curriculum Handbook

Highly Qualified Staff

We have an award-winning kindergarten staff. Many of our kindergarten teachers have a master's degree or beyond. All MPS teachers participate in continuing education and professional development.

Auxiliary Subjects

All kindergarten students receive Spanish, Physical Education, Art and Music instruction from a certified Kindergarten teacher.

School of Choice

Our district's Schools of Choice guidelines allow parents to send their child to their neighborhood elementary school or to any other MPS elementary building based on available space. Transportation to a non-neighborhood school is the responsibility of the parent.

Kindergarten Offerings by Building

The table below summarizes the kindergarten programs available at each school. For further details, please contact your elementary school. School Instructional Time Before/After School Care

Adams Elementary 8:40 - 3:40 On site through Camp Fire USA
Central Park Elementary 8:40 - 3:40 On site through the Midland Community Center
Chestnut Hill Elementary 8:40 - 3:40 On site through the Midland Community Center
Plymouth Elementary 8:55 - 3:55 On site through Camp Fire USA
Siebert Elementary 8:55 - 3:55 On site through the Midland Community Center
Woodcrest Elementary 8:55 - 3:55 On site through the Midland Community Center
Carpenter Pre-Primary Center 9:00 - 4:00 On site through the Midland Community Center