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  • MHS Back-to-School Newsletter 8-4-15

    Hello Again!

    Oh my, the new school year is right there on the horizon!  This email is to remind you of orientation, schedule pick up, and picture dates as well as other important information.  I have received quite a few calls regarding early schedule pick up.  Many of you will be enjoying the final days of summer break elsewhere, but don't panic!  Your child can view his/her schedule in Home Access Center beginning the afternoon of August 31st, and picture retake day is scheduled for October 12th. 

    We have attempted to compile as much information as possible on this calendar to help you plan the school year ahead.  Any changes or updated information will be included in future emails.

    If you ordered a YEARBOOK last year, please stop by and pick it up on August 31st in the atrium at MHS.  Books will be distributed during the Freshmen Orientation from 8:30am-3:00pm.  You may also order the 2015-2016 Yearbook at that time.  Use the form below and get the $55 price!


    August 27                 School pictures, schedule pick-up,                     8:00 a.m.  – 3:00 p.m. in Eyeball Alley
                                      vehicle registration (10th – 12th grade)   
    Freshmen may stop in to have their picture taken, but no freshmen schedules will be distributed on August 27th.

    The Vehicle Registration form, Lifetouch picture package order flyer, medication form, media release form, dance guest form, and other documents are available at the following link for your convenience:      

    August 31                 Chemic Kick-Off (Mandatory Freshmen Orientation)        8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. in Eyeball Alley
                                       Pictures will be taken from 8am – 9am & 1pm – 3pm

    The Chemic Kick-Off is a program offering a student-led interactive orientation day, filled with a variety of games and activities that will help the incoming freshmen become familiar with Midland High School.  Mentor students selected from the junior and senior classes will help orient the freshmen to their new surroundings and guide them through this fun-filled day.  The mentors will also help the freshmen better understand the school rules, academic expectations, and ways to get involved in extra-curricular activities.  Freshmen schedules will be distributed.  Lunch will be provided.  MHS is looking forward to showing incoming freshmen what Chemic Pride is all about.

    September 2            Curriculum Night (for parents)                             5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m., beginning in the cafeteria
    This is an opportunity to "walk through" your child's daily classes to meet teachers, hear syllabi, and teachers' classroom expectations.  Please bring a copy of your student's schedule if possible.  The evening is a fast-paced "meet and greet" to aquaint you with your student's day and teachers. 

    September 8            First Day of School**    (all students must bring their schedule)   7:40 a.m.                                                                                                  

    **Students will register in their first hour class.  The following information is needed to register:

    Current home address and email addresses
    Home, cell and work phone numbers
    Medical information the school may need


    Student Planners will be available this year for $2.00 each. Planners will be available for purchase during both schedule pick-up days and throughout the school year.  Students utilizing mobile device planners should familiarize themselves with the Student/Parent handbook found on the MHS website at this link:  This handbook is a go-to for specific information regarding policies and procedures at Midland High School as well as athletic and club information.   


    The Free and Reduced Lunch Application can now be filled out online by using the WebPortal. This method is much faster than turning in a paper application. Also, for Students needing a Share Form at the High School level, to cover sports, there is an option that can be clicked that gives permission to add them to the Share Log to qualify for a scholarship.  The link that will take you directly to the WebPortal is

    The application can also be found by following these steps:

    Go to the MPS website (
    Click on the Parents tab on the top
    Click on the Online Payments tab. First tab on the left
    Under the Free & Reduced Lunch Program heading, click of the Food Service WebPortal.
    Email with your students name, or call 989-923-6841 for the username and password.  After logging into the WebPortal, click on Meal Application on the top right of the screen. The program walks you through step by step.
    If you need additional assistance, please contact Caila Wellsted at Chartwells at (989)923-6841.



    If you need to reach your student in an emergency during the school day, please dial 923-5200 to speak with attendance/student service office personnel.  This number will be answered by the voice mail system if personnel are temporarily unavailable.  However, your voice mail message will be received and handled within minutes.  To avoid classroom disruption, emergency messages to students from parents only will be delivered through the attendance/student service office.  No other messages, flowers, candy, etc. will be delivered to classrooms. 

    The after-hours attendance hotline number is 923-5190. The attendance hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience.  Please call each day your student is absent and give the following information:

    Identify yourself
    Identify your student's full first and last name (please spell last name)
    Identify your student's grade
    Identify specific date and hour(s) of the absence to be excused

    We encourage you to use the attendance hotline to verify your student's absence including planned absences (doctor and dental appointments, etc.)  If a telephone is not available, a written note should be used to excuse the absence.  An absence must be cleared within 48 hours or the absence will remain unexcused.

    The automated attendance system enables the school to notify you of your student's unverified absences.  Please refer to the student handbook for more specific information regarding Midland High School's attendance policy and procedures.  If you have questions regarding attendance procedures, please call the attendance office at 923-5200.


          MHS ATHLETIC BOOSTER CLUB          

    The Midland High School Athletic Booster Club (MHSABC) is a nonprofit (501-C3) organization that provides support to all athletic teams at Midland High School.  Any adult with a heart for kids and athletics is welcome and encouraged to join MHSABC.  We work to support our athletic teams financially which helps maintain the tradition of excellence in athletics at Midland High School.  Some examples from this past year include new uniforms for several teams, purchase of stadium soccer shelters, paying tournament fees for many teams, purchase of new ice machine and supplies for training room, 20 camperships and 2 senior scholarships awarded and allotting "Spirit Money" for each team.  We are able to provide this support through the following fundraisers:

    MHSABC Membership drive.   Look for the MHSABC at your team meetings and school functions or look on for a membership form. Show your support and Join Today!
    Booster Bash – Friday, March 18, 2016.  Mark your calendars for this fun-filled night.  MHSABC and Dow High Sports Boosters combine efforts annually to put on Booster Bash.  
    Booster Bash Raffle Tickets.  $2 from each ticket sold will be deposited directly into the Program Fund for the team selling the ticket.
    Concession Stand Sales and Sales of Stadium Chairs, Newly Designed Yard Signs & Car Window Decals!  Look for our booth at your team meetings or forms are online at

    The MHS ABC wishes all teams' good luck in the coming year!  Please attend our meetings the 4th Monday of every month at the school.  Booster Club information will be available throughout the year on CHEMICS.NET

    President                     Kelly Jensen                 Vice President                          Nancy Money
    Treasurer                     Sue Rausch                  Secretary                                  Lyn Pajk
    Public Relations           Lisa Bott                       Memberships                           Randy McGuirk
    Concessions                Drew Talbott                 Sports Representative              Stephanie Wolf


        ♫    MHS MUSIC PARENTS      ♫

    The Midland High School Music Parents Association (MHSMPA) is a nonprofit (501(c)3) organization that provides support to ALL music programs at Midland High School:  Band, Orchestra, and Vocal Music.  If you are a parent of a music student, you are automatically a member of MHSMPA.  We work on issues facing our music programs and sponsor the two major fundraisers that help continue the tradition of excellence in the music programs at Midland High.  

    Blitz Night is September 24, 2015.   We conduct a sale of $10 cards (MHS Chemic Music Cards) with year-long discount offers from businesses in the area.  Each student has the opportunity to sell cards in a presale period and the entire Midland community is canvassed on Blitz Night.  We need drivers, counters, and facilitators for this event.  Please volunteer for this one night of concerted effort.    

    Rhapsody Rendezvous is November 20, 2015.  This year marks the 61st anniversary of Rhapsody Rendezvous! This talent show is open to any Midland High student act.  If your student is interested in auditioning, they can already be "getting their act together".  Auditions are held in late September.  The acts are selected by the three music directors and the show is produced by Music Parents. 

    Looking Sharp:  The Looking Sharp fund is a joint effort between the Music Parent Associations at Midland and H. H. Dow High Schools to raise monies needed to purchase replacement uniforms for all music programs (band, orchestra, and choir).   Although our high school music programs consistently score superior ratings at regional and state level festivals in which they participate, the need to replace 20 year-old clothing was critical.  The fundraiser has been successful and is only $12,000 short of the goal.  All tuxedos and gowns and 1/3 of the marching uniforms have been purchased and received.  An order for an additional 100 marching uniforms will be received in December.  If you haven't contributed to the Looking Sharp Fund yet and would like to do so, please check out the Looking Sharp Fund at the Midland Area Community Foundation website or the MHS Music Parents Website (see below).

    MHS Music Parents Website:   Print out Chemic Music Yard sign and Spirit wear order forms!  Get up-to-date with calendars and announcements. Stay current and subscribe to our website. See our Chemic Music Card offers!

    President    Shannon Krueger   835-5540
    Vice President    Lisa Gullo      835-7554
    Secretary    Jackie Light    631-8631
    Treasurer    Marie D'Felio   430-9648
    Band Representatives:  Lin Berehula, Nancy Billovits, Pam Goddard, Paige Granzo
    Vocal Representatives: Merci Danielson, Kristi Nowak, Carol Vinande, Anne Kelly-Rowley
    Orchestra representativesMelissa Ernst, Linda Hohner-Foster, Rob Vinande, Amy Waier, Kathy Joffre

    Please join us!  Our first meeting is Sunday, August 30, 2015 in the band room, with a General Membership session at 6:30 PM and an Executive Board meeting immediately following.


    Name of student________________________________________     # of yearbooks: _____

    Grade:_____     6th hour class_______   Personalized? Yes___ No___  (if yes, add $8 total)

    Personalization (max: 32 characters) _____________________________________________

    Payment: $55 each (price goes up to $60 after February 1st!)

    Total Amount Due:_____________                       Check #:_______________ *Make check payable to MHS Yearbook*
    Order with credit or debit card online at


           International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Information for Freshmen 

    The IB Diploma Programme is a comprehensive and challenging pre-university curriculum for juniors and seniors recognized worldwide.  According to IBO, "Diploma holders are ready to debate real-world issues from an international perspective, and to provide leadership and support in the local and global community.  Students demonstrate a capacity for in-depth study while maintaining a broad perspective of the different subject areas."  Midland Public Schools offers IB courses in English, French, German, Spanish, History, Business, Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Art and Music.  For more information please access the following link:


    Midland Public Schools say, "Talk to usThe Midland Public School District has added a new button to its website.  When you go to and click on the Talk to us button, you can ask a question, report a problem, squelch a rumor, share an idea, or offer a compliment. 

    Please feel free to contact me for further clarification or with questions regarding any of the information above. 

    With Chemic Pride,

    Lori J. Kennemer
    Administrative Assistant
    Midland High School
    1301 Eastlawn Dr.
    Midland, MI  48642
    P:  (989)923-5185
    F:  (989)923-5100

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