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Music is an important part of the lives of all people in a global society, and it can have a positive effect on the lives of students through dynamic instruction.

Our music program includes general music classes for elementary students along with elective band, orchestra, and choral classes for students in grades 5-12.

Marching Bands

Both of our high schools offer large marching bands of more than 200 students. These groups perform at home football games and in community parades.

The marching band is the focus of the first nine weeks of high school instruction. It is usually preceded by a week-long band camp prior to the start of the school year.

Singing Opportunities

All students in grades 1-5 receive general music instruction once a week for 35 minutes. In fifth and sixth grade students may also opt to participate in choir, which meets once a week for 35 minutes in fifth grade and one hour in sixth grade.

In grades 7-12 choirs meet daily as one of the students regular classes much like band and orchestra classes.

Advanced Opportunities

We offer small ensembles such as jazz ensembles, chamber music groups, and solo opportunities. These programs are often involved with the MSVMA and MSBOA small group festivals such as Solo & Ensemble activities.

Defined Curriculum

Our curriculum is aligned to the National Standards for Music Education.

We strive to ensure that students learn concepts beyond the performing skills though performing skills will always be the vehicle through which concepts are measured and assessed.


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