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Principal Cochran reading on the roof
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Daily MPS Covid-19 Update

The following information is taken from the COVID-19 weekly report received from the Midland County Department of Public Health:


  • 178 MPS Staff/students in COVID-19 related isolation or quarantine
  • 144 MPS staff/students are close contacts to a confirmed COVID-positive tested individual
  • 34 MPS staff/student is a current positive-tested individual
  • 21 New cases since last week's update
  • 285 Cumulative cases since Midland Health Department began sending COVID-19 report to MPS

Link to Daily COVID-19 Report by School:

ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS - Admin Interior Painting

Barton Malow Builders​ requests Bid Proposals on behalf of ​Owner​ for the construction of ​Admin Interior Painting ​for ​Bid Package # 21-207​ work. Bid Proposals will be received:
1. By electronic delivery via BuildingConnected by ​2​ ​pm​ local ​standard​ time on the ​27th​ day of ​April​,  ​2021​. 
     a. A livestream bid opening will be held via livestream and a physical bid opening will still be available.
          1) Livestream can be viewed at ​ OTYxOTEw%40thread.v2/0?context=%7b%22Tid%22%3a%223229604e-8 59b-4594-853bc66d15b8dd80%22%2c%22Oid%22%3a%2242da435d-5fbf-42a7bc25-66d258b8453c%22%2c%22IsBroadcastMeeting%22%3atrue%7d&bty pe=a&role=a​.
          2) Physical Bid Opening will be at: 305 E. Reardon St. Midland Michigan 48640

A ​​​​​​optional​​​​​​ pre-bid conference and site visit/tour will be held for all trades at ​​​​​​9:00​​​​​​ ​​​​​​am​​​​​​ local ​​​​​​standard​​​​​​ time on the ​​​​​​13th​​​​​​ day of ​​​​​​April​​​​​​, ​​​​​​2021​​​​​​ at:All Bidders are responsible for attendance at the pre-bid conference.

View full details here

Midland Public Schools' 3-Year-Old Preschool Program ... What do YOU think?

As you may know, several years ago, Midland Public Schools launched very successful 4-year old preschool programs, which are now housed at the Carpenter Street School Pre-Primary Center.

The District is seeking public input to determine if there is interest in Midland PS starting a 3-year-old preschool program also in the Pre-Primary Center on Carpenter Street.

If you have a child who may be ready for a 3-year-old preschool program in the next few years, would you please answer the questions on this short survey:

As you will see from the survey, we are looking at a number of variables to determine if a 3-year-old preschool program run by Midland Public Schools may be something that would be of interest for young families.

If you do not have a little one ... please don't hit that delete key yet!

We hope you will forward this email to family members/friends/neighbors who have a little one/little ones who may be ready for a 3-year-old program in the next year or so.

Who better than Midland Public Schools to get little ones prepared for their K-12 educational journey?

Please complete this survey before the end of the day Wednesday, April 14, 2021. Thank you!

2021-2022 Proposed Calendar Released
Nomination Window is Now Open for the 2021 MPS Gerstacker Teacher Proficiency Awards

The Gerstacker Committee would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the basic eligibility criteria for a nominee and the selection procedures.

The basic criteria:

  • Must have a Michigan teaching certificate.
  • Must be a tenured teacher with three or more continuous years of service with MPS.
  • Must be under employment contract for the upcoming year (not retiring).

The selection committee is comprised of:

  • A Member of the Midland Public Schools Board of Education
  • President of the Midland City Education Association (MCEA)
  • Chair of the MCEA Professional Standards Committee
  • An MPS Administrator
  • Gerstacker recipient from the previous year

Nominations are due Friday, April 16, 2021. Please remember that a nominee can be any certified MPS staff member, which includes those working with students outside of the regular classroom.

Visit our awards page to view past recipients and the nomination form


The Board of Education of Midland Public Schools is accepting firm, sealed bids for all labor, materials, equipment and all other services to complete Asbestos Abatement at various buildings for Midland Public Schools.

A mandatory pre-bid walk through is scheduled for March 9, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. at Midland High School, 1301 Eastlawn Drive, Midland, Michigan 48642. Meet in the Main Office. Specifications and proposal forms can be obtained at this walkthrough and may be obtained after March 9, 2021, from Nova Environmental, Inc., 5300 Plymouth Rd., Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105 Tel. 734.930.0995. Questions can be addressed to Lisa Whitton, Nova Environmental, Inc. at 734-930-0995.

Your proposal marked “Asbestos Abatement at Various Buildings” will be accepted during regular business hours at 600 E CARPENTER STREET, MIDLAND, MICHIGAN 48640, but must be HAND DELIVERED OR DELIVERED BY COURIER NO LATER THAN 2:00 PM MARCH 23, 2021. BID PROPOSALS RECEIVED AFTER THIS TIME WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED OR ACCEPTED. IF MAILING YOUR PROPOSAL VIA THE POST OFFICE, SEND TO THE SAME ADDRESS. Oral, telephone, fax, or electronic mail bids are invalid and will not receive consideration.

View full details here

Sh'boom arranged by Quinn McMath. Performed by the Midland High Meistersingers
Count On Me arranged by Quinn McMath. Performed by the Midland High Meistersingers.
2020 Gerstacker Recipents
Public School Equity Audit Request for Proposal

Scope of Work:
MPS is seeking an experienced professional, firm, and/or university team who has worked with educational institutions to assess the components listed in the Request for Proposal. Once material, data, and information are collected and analyzed, the contractor will prepare a detailed written report and presentation containing objective based areas of strength and opportunities for improvement coupled with research based best-practice recommendations. The district requests a preliminary report midway through the project timeline that outlines the work completed and findings to that point.

Project Timeline:

  • All proposals are due to the Midland Public Schools by March 15, 2021
  • Submitting entities may be requested to present their bids to a selection team
  • April 19, 2021: Project awarded at Board of Education meeting
  • May 1, 2021: Start date of equity audit
  • December 1, 2021: Conclusion of audit and reporting to Board of Education

Start and end dates are negotiable

View Full Details Here

The H. H. Dow Chamber Singers perform "I Wonder As I Wander" virtually

Students: Anna Stolz, Gretchen, Shope, Olivia Cross. Veronica Klein, Laura Fawcett, Rachel Rassette, Ginny Thommasson, Lydia Schramm, Ashleigh Prisby, Bailey Bills, Hailey Allen, Kiara Ekdahl, Maggie Howell, Maggie Smith, Nadia Malkowski, Christine Schriber, Evan Trotter-Wright, Jayden Gledhill, Gabe Vannette, Thomas Thaxter, Micah Damocles, Griffith Mai, Noah Langley, Taylor Howard, James Smith, & Sebastian Park

Staff Weekly Podcast - 11/18/2020 - Our Sincerest Gratitude

MPS Bond Update
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